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Teenage girl getting nasty and having a very powerful squirting orgasm
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Teenage girl getting nasty and having a very powerful squirting orgasm
This schoolgirl takes a walk in the park after classes, and sits down to listen to some rock music, all the while we get to see up her skirt, and under her panties! Alison sneaks from behind, and steals her schoolbag, and Kimber chases her down; they end up posing and flashing their private parts together... then indoors, Kimber goes to the bathroom, and starts masturbating with two toys, fingering herself anally, then having a very powerful squirting orgasm! Still full of energy, she dresses up for Alison, then goes poolside to double penetrate herself with a variety of toys and butt plugs, eventually getting so into it that she has (several?) more orgasms. Out in the neighborhood street, Alison tricks her to take her clothes off, then runs off with her clothes, forcing Kimber to run around the street completely naked! Good friends though, so they end up doing some hot dirty-dancing to music, as Kimber strips down... Then back to masturbating, she experiments with the FTV Monster and the Big Ten, finding them too big (though there was a hot ride for a while) and masturbates with a vibrator to another gushing orgasm.

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